Who are we?

Cluj JavaScripters was born out of our desire to build one of the strongest tech communities in our country and to progress as a group. We quickly realized that sharing ideas and knowledge is the greatest tool we, as developers, have and that without collaboration between us, we have no chances of truly progressing on the long term.

Today we understand that the best way to bring people with all levels of knowledge together is by giving them what they need to advance. We organize meetings on the latest technologies as well as trainings on basics everyone should know before moving on.

Our mission

We’re passionate about what we do and we love sharing knowledge. Cluj JavaScripters was born out of common goals for some of us, and we take those very seriously. We made them our mission, our statement, our code by which we stand.

Everything we do is built around a couple of central ideas that we embrace wholeheartedly and that have become the very foundation on which we plan to grow this community.

Those ideas, in short, are:

  • Build a stronger JavaScript community
  • Help others by creating a safe environment focused on learning and sharing information
  • Mentor people, provide trainings, create custom events
  • Offer a model of collaboration between people from different domains or companies
  • Put Cluj on the map as a JavaScript hub
  • Build a community centered around people, not around companies